Save Democracy : Empower Muslim Voters

Karnataka elections are round the corner. Center For Research and Debates in Development Policy (CRDDP, New Delhi) has estimated that 13.4 lakh Muslim eligible voters do not have an 'voter's ID' in Karnataka. CRDDP facilitates quick enrollment to the voter's list and issuance of Voter's I.D.

CRDDP has developed an Android App and website, which provides details of the exact home in a specified assembly-constituency with the missing voter's ID.

CRDDP advises the political parties and contestants to use this information and enhance the number of voters that facilitates satisfactory voting proportions.

At the moment (till 9thMarch 2018) CRDDP has completed data analysis for 3 assembly constituencies namely, Shivajinagar (Bengaluru), Hubli East and Kolar and found 23,453 households have adults with no voter's ID.

or example, CRDDP in Shivajinagar constituency identified a total 18,453 Muslim households. Census 2011 data ( Household series - HH-01) suggests that only 4.3% of households have household size of one. 793 Muslim households, therefore, can have one registered voter.

But our data extracts from Election Commission Electoral Rolls found that 8795 households have only one registered voter.

Thus in Shivajinagar alone 8002 muslim households have adults with no voter's ID.
We must strive to enroll them in Electoral Rolls till the day of nomination

Voter's ID Registration Procedure

CRDDP has developed an 'Android App' namely Muslim Voters; and through the registration process one can view these households with correct postal address and help them apply for a VOTER's I.D. Voter's ID can be secured until the last day of nomination.
CRDDP will complete analysis in all 224 Assembly constituencies and add the details of all missing voters that can be accessed through the Android App / website.
CRDDP solicits volunteers from every Assembly Constituency. Each Volunteer will be given access to Android App where s/he can take responsibility for servicing 10 - 20 households.
Volunteers during their visits will update the contact numbers of the new applicants for the voter's I.D through the App.
CRDDP support team will be available on call for real-time support and clarifications.

Interested volunteers please register. This service from CRDDP is free to the registered volunteers.

An Appeal to the Donors, Philanthropists, Political Parties and Contestants

The IT based research and analysis that identifies missing Muslim voters in each constituency is time consuming and must be undertaken by the professionals.

It cost Rs. 4000/- per constituency to generate data , analyze and feed it into the Android App. CRDDP urges the community leaders, politicians and philanthropists to support this cause to politically empower the Muslims of Karnataka.

The sponsor and supporter of this cause will be acknowledged by mentioning her/his name/institution in the website and the Android App against the name of the constituency.

Please send donations in favor of :

‘Center for Research and Debates in Development Policy’.

Bank South India Bank Ltd, Delhi-110092
A/C No 0410053000006107
Swift Code SOININ55

Provide the following information along with donations: Name of the account holder, Account Number, Name of the Bank and complete address.


Helping voters get enrolled in voterlist

and Vote!

Team Behind this they are always up to something good!

AbuSaleh Sharif
Founder President, CRDDP New Delhi - 110092

Chief Scholar, US-India Policy Institute, Washington D. C. He is the founder president of the CRDDP.

Khalid Saifullah
Research Associate


Research Associate at The Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy

Amina Mirza
Research Associate

Research Associate at The Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy